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Anandi Gopal Marathi Movie Review

Anandi Gopal Marathi Movie

Movie Name:- Anandi Gopal

Production: Namah Pictures, Zee Studios, Fresh Lime Films

Writing: Karan Srikant Sharma

Dialogues: Irawati Karnik

Directed by: Sameer Vidavans

Songwriter: Vaibhav Joshi

Music: Hrishikesh Datar, Saurabh Balarao, Jasraj Joshi

Movie Cast: Lalit Prabhakar, Bhagyashree Milind, Ankita Goswami, Gitanjali Kulkarni, Kati Jog, Yogesh Soman, Jayant Savarkar, Atharvaad Phadnis, Gary John, Sonia Alibizuri.


“Anandi Gopal” is a film about the life of Dr. Anandibai Gopal Joshi, the first woman in India, and today women have taken the lead in every field.

It was impossible for a woman to come out alone for any work. Even though women were smart and intelligent, she could not even fall outside the four walls for education. The social order of that time did not allow him. Therefore, women who want to make a difference in life were getting intrusive.

In such a situation, the happiness and prosperity of the community and the flow of life, and her husband Goprarao are firmly established. They set their goals. Anubhavai Joshi became a doctor while traveling through a very tough journey, despite the rage of the society. This story is the inspiration for their struggle. 130 years ago is in this movie.

‘Anandi Gopal’ is not a film or a documentary, therefore, the writer-director has independently received the necessary. However, there is no place-day-person activity in the 19th century or the Khandkal and Goparrao Joshi. Not only this, but the songs set as necessary were also fierce in the film like waata waata and rangmaliyela. Originally, the film is progressively enhanced due to the speedy movement of background music and background music. Captures the mind of the audience.

About Movie:-

On the 10th year of age,Anandibai (Ankita Goswami-Bhagyashree Milind) got married to Gopalrao. Gopalrao is employed in the postal department and he knows how important education is. They want to teach their first wife; But she dies at the young age. So let’s talk to her father that she will teach your wife what she thinks like when she gets married and start a similar effort. Initially, they try to cheer on the reading. They also bring books for them. Sometimes, Gopalrao is angry at AnandaBhai and is angry. But, they all do it for Gopalrao Anandibai. In the meantime, such an event happens that we must be determined to be happy and to be a doctor and to serve society. Then how was Anubhavai’s education … How did Gopalrao try for it? For all these things this film has to be seen.

About Movie Stars:-
Artists such as Gitanjali Kulkarni, Shiti Jog, Yogesh Soman, Ankita Goswami etc. have done wonderful work.

The cinematographer of the film has captured that time of 1875-1887 in his camera. The art director has spent a great deal of time in front of the eye. Famous writer Mr. B. Though the film is on the novel of Joshi’s Gopal, the director has taken care of converting it into a film. The music of the film is very simple. This is the story of an idealist couple struggling against the stream.

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