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Cast: Sumant Shinde, Partha Bhalerao, Prakash Lad, Omkar Bhojne, Salii Patil, Yatin Karkarekar, Girish Kulkarni and Pallavi Patil


Since Boise 2 is an adult comedy, many dialogues of this film are double-mining type. There is no doubt that this dialogue will take on today’s younger generation. Although the film is an Adult Movie, the director has taken care that the film will not be tarnished. In the film, Sumedh Shinde, Prakash Lad and Parth Bhalerao have presented their role very well.

In the film, Marari, Khusus of the two groups are constantly coming, so the same can be found in the film. Songs from the movie have not been as well enough.
The message “Boyz 2” is given in an unintentional way that the film should be taken without any anger against children. Also, the relationship between teachers and students has been shown in the film in a better way. Also, today the pornesite has become easily accessible through internet media.

This has given a lot of light on how children are turning to the wrong path. But the end of the film is not well enough. The film fails to show that the effect of the girl’s life on viral viral video becomes viral.

Yatin Worker, Omkar Bhojane and Amit Ryan have given proper justice to the role. Girish Kulkarni is in some view only. But their role is remembered. Sherwari Gemini’s role has not got much scope. Some of these films have been shot in Leh. Cinematography is good here. There is no objection to meeting these boys at the theaters.


  1. boyz 2 hai changala film aahe.ya film madhe asa saangitly ki internet cha gair vapar kelyavar kai bhogava laagato.mala ha film khup aavadala khupach solid and comedy aahe. maajhi ek request aahe director kade ki tyanni boyz cha 3 ra bhaag lavakaraat lavakar kadhava.hi maajhi ek request aahe siraana


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