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Birthday Gift For Dabbang 3 Cameraman Devendra G

Devendra Gayakwad - Cameraman मित्राच्या वाढदिवसाला कुणी आवडत्या वस्तू, कपडे, केक, फुले, भेटकार्ड देतं, तर कुणी सरप्राईज पार्टी. पण जर कुणी आपल्या मित्राला वाढदिवसाला चक्क...

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    Dada Kondke Marathi Movies

    Dada Kondke Marathi Movies

    Dada Kondke

    Marathi Film Industry superstar actor director and screenplay Dada Kondke. Dada Kondke is an most successful Marathi actor.Dada Kondke first marathi movie is “tambadi maat” this is an “Balaji Pendharkar” movie hit on box office as well as movie won National Film Award For Marathi Feature Film in 1969.He turned producer with next project “songadya” in 1971.

    Dada Kondke Marathi Movies Top 10- Selected Movies

    1. Tambadi Mati-1969

    dada kondke movies Movie  Name:- Tambadi Mati

    Star Cast:- Dada Kondake,Anupama,Asha Kale,Lalita Pawar,shaktikumar.

    Director By:- Bhalji Pendharkar

    Dada Kondke debuted marathi movie Tambdi Maati which is won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Marathi.

    2.Songadya -1971          

    Dada Kondke marathi movieMovie Name:-Songadya

    Movie Cast:- Usha Chavan,Dada Kondke,Ganpat Patil,Balchandra Kulkarni.

    Directed By:- Govind Kulkarni & Produced By:-Dada Kondke

    Innocent Namya(Dada Kondke) falls in love with the glamours Kalavti.This is an first movie produced by dada kondke.

    3.Pandu Hawaldar – 1975

    Dada Kondke Movies

    Movie Name:-Pandu Hawaldar 

    Movie Cast:- Dada Kondke,Lata Arun,Usha Chavan,                 Roohi Berde,Ashok Saraf.

    Directed By:- Dada Kondke

    Pandu is an honest hawaldar in Bombay Police(Mumbai Police) who love to his work.This movie is an first directed movie by dada kondke.

    4.Tumcha Aamcha Jamla-1976

    Dada Kondke Marathi Movie

    Movie Name:-Tumcha Aamacha Jamla

    Movie Cast :-Dada Kondke,Anjana,Ashok Saraf

    Directed By:-Dada Kondke

    Tumcha Aamcha Jamla is an dada kondke’s first movie with anjana which is directed by self dada kondke.



    5.Ram Ram Gangaram-1977

    dada kondke marathi movie

    Movie Name:-Ram Ram Gangaram

    Movie Cast:-Master Bhagwan, Usha Chavan, Dada Kondke.

    Directed By:-Dada Kondke

    Ram Ram Gangaram is another blockbuster movie by dada kondke with usha chavan.

    6.Hyoch Navra Pahije-1980

    Movie Name:-Hyoch Navara Pahije

    Movie Cast:-Jayashree, Ratnamala, Dhumal ,Dada Kondke.

    Directed By:-Dada Kondke

    Music by RamLaxman


    7.Muka Ghya Muka-1987

    dada kondke movies

    Movie Name:-Muka Ghaya Muka

    Movie Cast:-Usha Chavan ,Dada Kondke.

    Directed By:-Dada Kondke

    Music by Rajendra-Vijay


    8.Mala Ghevun Chala-1988

    dada kondke movies

    Movie Name:-Mala Ghaun Chala

    Movie Cast:-Madhu Kambikar ,Dada Kondke.

    Directed By:-Dada Kondke

    Produced By-Vijay Kondke

    Music by RamLaxman

    9.Palva Palvi-1990

    dada kondke movies

    Movie Name:-Palva Palvi

    Movie Cast:-Usha Chavan ,Dada Kondke.

    Directed By:-Dada Kondke

    Produced By-Dada Kondke

    Music by RamLaxman


    10.Yevu Kaa Gharaat-1992               

    dada kondke moviesMovie Name:-Palva Palvi

    Movie Cast:-Madhu Kombikar ,Dada Kondke.

    Directed By:-Dada Kondke

    Produced By-Dada Kondke

    Music by RamLaxman




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