Gavakadchya Goshti

Gavakadchya Goshti
Gavakadchya Goshti web series

Gavakadchya Goshti The Kori Pati Productions Marathi New Marathi Web Series Gavakdchya Goshti is for Village Lovers(New Web Series)..who lived in cities and miss their villages..We Display Short Stories of happens in Vilages..

Now the trend of the web series is going on with the Marathi web series coming in. Gavakdchya Goshti is a web series that you can see on youtube. Anything that happens in the web series, it is displayed as a box.

Gavakdchya Goshti web series has 2 festivals so far. This is very popular with the web series. Gavakdchya Goshti is now made to pramotion the film.

Director By: Nitin Pawar DOP : Umesh Tupare

Creative Head : K.T.Pawar

Production Head : Santosh Raje Mahadik

Gavakadachya Ghosti Season 1

Cast and Crew Santya : Santosh Rajemahadik Surya Bapu : K.T.Pawar Producer – Sudam Pawar.

Writer By – K.T.Pawar DOP – Umesh Tupare Asst. DOP – Vinod Kadam

Production By- Avinash Pawar

Director – Nitin Pawar





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