Gomu Sangatinam

The first superstar of Marathi theater is Dr. Based on the life of Kashinath Ghanekar and Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar ‘is being released in Diwali next Diwali. So, there is currently a huge discussion about this film in color. It has been added that the song ‘Gomu Sangatinam’ has been added. Many songs of Kashinath Ghanekar were super hit. One of the songs is that of the Gomu companions. That’s why Subodh Bhave and Prajakta Mali have thrilled this song to highlight their memories.

The song ‘Gomu Sangatinam’ in Kashinath Ghanekar’s ‘The Game Savvyancha’ movie was very popular at that time. Today, the film and its songs are always on the minds of entertainers. The opportunity to once again experience the magic of ‘and Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar has been released.


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