He Man Baware

He Man Baware tv serial
He Man Baware tv serial on colors

He Man Baware (हे मन बावरे) Marathi Serial Title Track Colors Marathi Serial Upcoming marathi serial Colors Marathi is coming with new serial Sukhachya Sareeni He Man Baware starring with popular actors Shashank Ketkar and Mrunal Dusanis.This show will be air on colors Marathi and voot app from 9th Oct 2018 Monday to Saturday.

In this series, Jui will win the hearts of the audience, and the role of Siddharth will be played by Shashank Ketkar. For the first time, Mrunal and Shashank will also be seen in the series. Vandana Gupte, Pradeep Patwardhan, Nayana Apte and Sharmishtha Raut will also be seen playing an important role.

‘हे मन बावरे’ मालिका ९ ऑक्टोबरपासून कलर्स मराठीवर सुरु होत आहे. शशांक केतकर आणि मृणाल दुसाणीस ही फ्रेश जोडी प्रेक्षकांचं मनोरंजन करायला सज्ज झाली आहे.

Anushree, a middle-class family, is a very self-respecting and self-reliant girl, who has a love for her family. The recommendation is to laugh at all the burden of the house and take care of the family. ‘When the situation can not change, then change the mindset’ is the opinion of life of Anusha. On the other side, Siddharth Talavid is a proud son of a proud and eloquent cousin, an accomplished father and mother.

His marriage is going on in the house of Siddharth but he does not like any girl on this date. The language of Anu and Siddharth is very different. Both of them have a different opinion about marriage. When the two different people meet each other, what will happen, how will their minds match, it will be interesting to watch the journey.

This mind is coming with a series of Man He Baware. The series will be broadcast from Monday 9th Saturday to Saturday 8.00 pm on Colors Marathi.




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