koknatlya zaknya

koknatlya zaknya

koknatlya zaknya is a marathi web series in which kokan’s language and its contents are shown. koknatlya zakanya is based on the web series love story. In this you will see the lovestory drama comedy. Until now it has many episodes and people have got this web series Everyone sees the episodes.

koknatlya zaknya Marathi Web Series on YouTube.The language and the people in rural areas of Ratnagiri are so sweet that they are excited to come back here, but we also try to make the people of the future feel loved. This is the effort to make our life happy with the happiness of the people of this Konkan region. We are taking it on Saturday “Kokanana Zahakanya”.

Latest Marathi web series “kokanatlya zakanya”Currently Available on youtube channel this kokan series started in 2018.

Director: Pradeep Shivgan

DOP: Sachin Sawant

Produced By: Mr. Ajit Khade Mr. Vinay Prabhakar Nerkar

koknatlya zaknya Upcoming New Season2- कोकनातल्या झ्याकन्या पर्व-२

Koknatlya zakanya has 2 festivals of the Marathi web series so far and people like it very much.Marathi web series But now millions of people are watching. See on YouTube’s braille Marathi web series.also all episodes of this series available on YouTube.






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