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Lakshmikant Berde

Whenever the audience becomes laughing and crying by becoming a ‘Vidhushak’, sometimes the goal of teaching humanity is to teach policy. Sometimes, he has got the attention of the audience in the mind of the thriller and sometimes the best performer by playing the role of dolls. On December 16, 2004, he left the world. Lakshmikant Berde known as a Lakshya , Today is his memorial day.

Laxmikant was born on October 26, 1954. If you say that there is no actor till date like Laxmikant, then it will not be worth it. Every role that he has done has been highlighted in the audience’s mind. It has always been remembered that ‘Laksha’.

Beginning of play from the play
It is said that Laxmikant got the opportunity to work in a play during Ganeshotsav. After that, his interest in drama grew. Later he got many prizes in Inter-School and Inter-College Drama Competitions. After playing in some plays, there was an opportunity to work in the theater. Laxmikant showed that opportunity by gold. Laxmikant started acting in 1983-84.

After watching the legend of Laxmikant Barde’s audience in this colorful world of movies, it was a different picture in the Marathi film or Hindi film.

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Humorous comedy

‘Lek Chali Sasrala’ was the first film of Laxmikant’s life. In the first film, he was cast as the lead actor. Lakshmikant stepped in the film industry, and with the help of his acting, he became a ‘Lakka Lakshya’. Laxmikant had a special grip on the comedy role due to accurate timing.

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‘Laksha-Mahesh’ starring Movies-

In the 1985 film ‘Dhumadhadaka’, he made a real sense of humor. Laxmikant, Ashok Saraf and Mahesh Kothare triumphed films. After Dhumadhadak, many films like ‘De Danaadan’, ‘Dhadakabaj’, ‘Tharthrath’, ‘Jhattalala’ were seen in the movie ‘Lakshya-Mahesh’.

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Female role

Ashok Saraf and Laxmikant Barde, who introduced ‘Ha Maza Bayko’, saw a pair of ‘Ashi Hi Banava Banavi’. In 1988, ‘Bachanavani’ was released in the film. In this, Laxmikant gave the best performance by playing the role of Parvati. Laxmikant Barde has played the role of Parvati.

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Trikuta Dhammal

Laxmikant, Sachin Pilgaonkar and Ashok Saraf, also took the audience on the trio. The trio is seen in many films like ‘Bhoota’s brother’, ‘Ayta Ghar Ghar Gharoba’ The audience became alphanumeric ‘on this spellbind’. Audience letter to the film: On the head.

In the Hindi film ‘Main Pyaar Kiya’ in Rajshri Productions, Laxmikant played the role of a friend of Salman Khan.

Laxmikant can not be forgotten even today.


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