Marathi Movie Box Office 2018

Marathi Movie Box Office Collection:-Marathi film industry has received effective tonic for success. … Ani Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar, ‘Naal’, ‘Mulshi Pattern’ and ‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3’ hit four successive hits. These films have earned a total income of Rs 60 to 70 crores a month. The success of these films is expected to further accelerate the productions of Marathi films.

Marathi Box Office Collection 2018
Marathi Box Office Collection

‘Ani Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar ‘was released on 8th November. ‘Naal’ was released on 16th November, ‘Mulshi Pattern’ and ‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3’ on December 23 and 7th December.

These four film have done a lot of good work in the box office compared to Hindi films. These movies attracted the audience due to the strong plot, high production values, tactical acting. ‘Naal’ and … Ani Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar has earned more than 22 crores of revenue so far. ‘Mulshi Pattern’ has done business worth Rs 15 crores so far. ‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3’ has earned Rs 5 crores in three days.

Directors Talk About Marathi Film Industry- Box Office Collection

Mumbai Pune Mumbai:-Based on this achievement, we should secure the next year. All producers should come together for this. It is important to ensure that the dates of the films are not cluttered, they are needed to be careful. If the intent is good, then the Marathi audience retains the movie. This is the reason for the fact that today we have become better than Hindi cinema.

Mulshi Pattern:-The subjects of these four films are different. Two of these movies are big corporate companies. It’s a great movie. It is the first time for the first time in Marathi film industry to achieve four movies. The film ‘Mulshi Pattern’ has pulled out a different audience. This is a victory for Marathi audiences.


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