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Mulshi Pattern Marathi Movie Review 2018

Mulshi Pattern

Mulshi Pattern Marathi Movie Review

Movie ReviewMulshi Pattern (2018)

Director –   Pravin Vitthal Tarde
Studio –     Abhijit Bhosale Genuine Productions Ltd. & Puneet Balan Entertainment Pvt. Ltd
Producer – Abhijit Bhosale Genuine Productions Ltd. & Puneet Balan Entertainment Pvt.Ltd
Duration – 02:27Min
Star Rating – 3.5 Star

Starcast –Mahesh Manjarekar (Hamal), Mohan Joshi (Sakharam), Upendra Limaye (Kadu Saheb), Om Bhootkar (Rahul), Pravin Tarade (Nanya Bhai), Malvika Gaikwad (Deepali), Savita Malpekar (Dhurpi), Sunil Abhyankar (Vakil), Kshitij Date (Ganesh), Ramesh Pardeshi, Devendra Gaikwad, Suresh Vishwakarma, Deepti Dhotre, Milind Dastane, Ajay Purkar, Jayesh Sanghavi, Akshay Tanksale, Aryan Shinde.

We got to see Lalbhag Parel in the film after the workers’ mill was destroyed after the collapse of the mill. In the same way, the sale of farmers’ lands to the Kawidimol brothers has been shown in the film Mulshi Pattern.

Sakharam (Mohan Joshi) is a villager of the village. They have a lot of farm land, they sell them and they get good money. But they spend their money and they have time to work as a security guard. But they are insulted by the Sarpanch of the village and they are removed from the job. After that they started working as a Hamalite in the Market Yard. There, his son Rahul (Om Bhootkar) is working with them.He argues with a merchant in that market and Rahul kills a trader and thus he is turned towards criminal world.

There she met Naina Bhai (Pravin Tarade). He is an older brother. Rahul, who works under his hand, also becomes an elder brother. What happens next in Rahul’s life after Rahul turns to this bad road. The answer to these questions can be seen only by the audience when it comes out of criminal world.

Actually, there is nothing novel in the story of this film. This kind of story is the first of many films like reality, Satya, Lalbagh Parel. But the son of an ordinary farmer, he is an idiot criminal, Rahul’s travel director has done very well in the film. From the first scene of the film, the film continues to be intriguing.

Mohan Joshi, Mahesh Manjrekar, Upendra Limaye, Pravin Tarde, Malvika Gaikwad, Savita Malpekar, Suresh Vishwakarma, Kshitij Date, Sunil Abhyankar have given their roles fairly well in the film. Rahul has played a very good role in the role of Om Bhooter.

The presence of Upendra Limaye and Om Bhootkar has come together. There is no doubt that the dialogue of the film will be taken by the audience. The police mentality, our judicial system, the gang war of criminal world, has been highlighted very well. Just because the film is very big, it becomes a bit boring.Also the end of the movie is not as interesting. Many people carry a sword on the road, but they do not stop the police. These things are exaggerated. The film keeps the audience from the beginning but the end is definitely disappointing.

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