Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3

Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3
Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3

Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 Marathi Movie Super hit Jodi is Back..!! Watch trailer of new Marathi Movie of 2018 “मुंबई पुणे मुंबई ३” starring Swapnil Joshi & Mukta Barve & movie Directed by Satish Rajwade.

Straightforward, simple, simple story The simplest means that we can imagine what will happen next. Without any hesitation, without pushing ‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3’ the film continues on the right path and still keeps the audience engaged. This success is directed by Satish Rajwade and all the artists. It is difficult to tell the story that you know about the end. The difficult thing is that they all work well.

Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3
Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 movie

The ‘Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai 3’ M3 teaser has just been displayed. In this movie, they have come at an important stage in the life of Gauri (Mukta Barve) and Gautam (Swapnil Joshi). Now the story of their journey to this stage will be revealed in the cinema(Marathi Cinema). However, Tusshar knows that this couple’s life has changed.

The film starts from the thread of the second part of Mumbai Pune Mumbai. Now the world of Gautam (Swapnil Joshi) and Gauri (Mukta Barve) has started. They are traveling on the planned route and after all, everything is decided. Both are involved in both home and career. Since then, the training has been rewarded and now the career of the career will be smooth, they are at such a turn.

Satish Rajwade directed the Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai 3 movie.

‘Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai 3’ will be screened on 7th December.


release Date : 7 December 2018

Language : Marathi language



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