Naal Marathi Movie Box Office Collection

Naal marathi movie box office
Naal Marathi Movie 2018

Nagraj Manjule ‘s Nail This movie is a lot of talk in the present day .Lok is giving a lot of response to the film. It is very much a work on the Marathi box office. This film has collected 14 crores in the first week. It is very much for a movie.

New Marathi Movie Naal is the story of Chaitanya, an eight-year-old mischievous boy. Living in a remote village in Maharashtra(India), along with the banks of a river, he is fathered by a small-time landlord and pampered by a loving and caring mother(Devika Daftardar).

Naal is attached with the Chaitanya’s emotional world and follows him on an unexpected journey. The content is perfect in the movie and the production work is good in the movie.

Box Office Collection Naal Movie in 1st Week-14cr

Naal get good response from audience this one hits the bull’s eye… Marathi film Naal has a FANTASTIC Week 1… Good…Screen count increased to 450 across India, thanks to tremendous appreciation… Collects ₹ 14 Cr in Week 1.

Box Office Collection Naal Movie in 2nd Week-4cr

Marathi film Naal is a money spinner… Week 1: ₹ 14 Cr Weekend 2: ₹ 4.50 Cr Total: ₹ 18.50 Cr To attract non-Marathi viewers, ZEE Studios have released the film at prominent cities across in India [Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi, Surat, Vadodara and Chennai] with subtitles.


This movie is very much liked. This film is very good as it is running on the Box Office. In the first week, the film got a whopping of 14 crores. This should be the Nagraj Manjule magic. In the second week, the movie got a whopping Rs. 4 crore. It is a lot. It is not so much that the third week film will get a good track. The complete Box office collection will be made of 30 crores of sweets. .This amount is too much of a Marathi film.

The hit director of the Marathi film, Nagraj Manjule Because each of his films are hit.


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