YOU n ME Marathi Song

you n me song


YOU n ME Song…Mazhya Navryachi Bayko fame Rasika Sunil and Aditi Dravid have come up with an amazing song “You n Me”.

Actress Rasika Sunil, who has acted as Sanaya in mazya navaryachi bayko, has come up with a new song. The song she has singed herself is aditi dravid with this actress.This song will see the video palace seen on the youtube channel.This song has given good music by sai piyush. It is also produced by the video palace.

This song shows friendship of aditi ani rasika. It has been shown what they do throughout the day.The chemistry of the couple is very good in this song. And dance is very good.

Music by : Sai & Piyush.

Singer : Aditi Dravid & Rasika Sunil

Lyrics By: Aditi Dravid

DOP : Amol Gole

Choreographed by : Phulwa Khamkar.

Edited by : Guru patil.

Costumes : Divya Ghag Making : Ankit Shinde Location : Lodha Goldcrest Club House Courtesy : Vishwas Joshi

Song Programmed by : Sai – Piyush & Onkar Tikale.

Song recorded : Swaradhish Studios.

Recording Engineer : Swaroop Joshi.

Produced by : Video Palace India.

YOU n ME Song….

mazya navaryachi bayko After leaving the series, she has gone to the US for education. Her gatmat will see the first movie seen in December.


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